1. needmowatts

    OFC wire is getting THICC.

    Everyone knows, if you can afford it go OFC, as an "it is better / do it once method" 0 gauge ofc wire: nothing special some tinned some not, Tinned ftw, just my opinion but now this 2 / 0 gauge wire...
  2. W

    Need advice on which subs

    Hi, i recently installed 2 soundqubed hdc3 15s. But they barely hit 150db at the windshield. I really want some subs that can completely slay. I am doing some kind of wall for this build, so far i really think 4 18s is the way to go. I know that would be an extremely time consuming and costly...
  3. B

    does size really matter?

    OK, so I'm a noob and I'm just using a prefab box with some tiny little ports on either side of the box. I got the box from best buy. Its one of those XED boxes(don't have money for anything custom). Anyway I was wondering a few things 1. What's the difference between a box with 2 separate...
  4. J

    Aero Port size help

    I am running a Re audio Sxx 15 v2, the xmax is 24mm (this thing moves a lot of air) my concerns are port size. The box is 4.8 cubic feet after displacement. It is a customs built box. H-20 W-18 D-30 I've spent hours researching about port sizes shapes etc, and so I bought 2 xscorpion "5inch"...
  5. M

    what size subs in an suv?

    i have a 2005 yukon with the third row seat taken out so plenty of space but i was wondering if i should get 2 12s or 2 15s?
  6. D

    what size are the front and back door speakers in a 94 jeep grand cherokee limited??

    only people who are 100% positive please