Does anyone have any experience with BK Monolith subwoofers?

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I know the BK Monolith subwoofers are not car subwoofers (they are home cinema subwoofers). But with what resources I have here in the UK, I am trying my best to achieve as high of an output as possible with the most efficiency in power.

The BK Monolith Plus subwoofer I have is, supposedly, tuned to 20hz. The driver is an Eminence Lab12C. I thought I'd try wire up the subwoofer to my XD600/1v2 and it works surprisingly well. My current sub is a HO112-W6V3. Whilst nowhere seems to reference what the prefab box is tuned to, I would assume it is tuned to 33hz as this is what the driver recommends (12W6v3).

Listening to a song that hits hard on 28hz with the BK Monolith in comparison to the HO112-W6V3 there is a noticeable difference in loudness. The HO112-W6V3 is quieter on those frequencies, despite the higher RMS, but the BK Monolith is a little louder, but loud enough to shakes the car's windows noticably more, despite the lower RMS (the 12W6v3 has an RMS of 600w at 2ohms, and the Monolith/Eminence has an RMS of 400W at 4ohms).

Both subs are 12", but the Monolith enclosure is much heavier and bigger than the HO112-W6V3. I really want to achieve as loud of an output that I can with the current amp that I have (XD600/1v2) so should I consider getting a custom enclosure for my 12W6v3, which is proven to be quieter at the lower frequencies, or the Eminence Lab12C, which is proven to be louder at the lower frequencies?

Any help is greatly appreciated, and of course, amp/driver suggestions are welcome too. I did make a similar post to this a while back but I wasn't sure if I should update that or not, instead I'll link it here:

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I doubt anybody here is familiar with that Eminence driver, but I'd wager there's plenty of room for improvement on the box you have your W3 in. Prefab boxes are well known to skimp on airspace and port area and also to tune somewhat high.
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Higher end Home audio setups will use port tunings that are lower than car audio setups. Movie effects, explosions, etc. need that low tuning to get the intense theatre experience. I’m not surprised that the JL doesn’t play loud below its port tuning. A box tuned to 28 hz is much easier to build for a home where box size isn’t as much of a factor as it is in a small car. A sealed box might have better low end extension than a ported box tuned to 33 hz with that JL. Under port tuning, it will drop off significantly. You would sacrifice some output for lower end extension, but I’ve always liked the way JL subs sound sealed over ported, with most of their subs.

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