Do I need bass blockers?

MrsWatts Enthusiast
Jun 16, 2020
La Selva Beach CA
Hi all, well after alot of headaches and conflicting information from several different car audio installers I think I have decided on my equipment. My 2004 Lexus GS 300 comes stock with front and rear 4 inch door speakers and a 10 in bass speaker in the rear deck. It originally came with a nackamichi deck w/ 6 disc CD player in the glove compartment and an amp behind the passenger kick panel. Well some idiot replaced the stock head unit with a cheap walmart HU that has a back up camera and a 6"8 touchscreen. When they did this they rendered the amp useless or just bypassed it for some reason so now it sounds like it is being run off of half a watt or close. Anyway I set off to upgrade the whole thing and what a frustrating journey it has been every audio installer I have consulted (4 of them) has given me different and conflicting information about what would work and sound good in my car. I believe that since I am a female they are trying to take advantage of me and rip me off and try to sell me things that I find out later won't work. I know that car audio places don't really like it when you bring your own equipment for installation as they want you to buy from them however the choices they offer are very few and so far are below the quality I am looking for so they have been no help to me at all. I have now decided what I want and am going to run it by you folks to check for any problems with my plan. I am replacing the crap HU with a single din Alpine CDE 175 BT I have already purchased this along with the dash kit to convert from double to single din. Next I have purchased a Rockford Fosgate 4 channel amp I dont remember the model # at the moment but it is 100 watts per channel RMS at both 2 and 4 ohms constant power I think it's referred to. Next I have decided to go with replacing all 4 door speakers with Audio Frog GS 42 speakers. I also purchased a Rockford Fosgate P3D4 sub in a ported BBox enclosure for the trunk and will be using a Kenwood X 500-1 mono amp to power it. I think this set up will be good together but if any of you disagree please let me know. Now for the original question in my extremely long post... should I get bass blockers for the audio frogs? Or will they do ok without? Thank you I appreciate your help and value your opinions

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