Can someone help me design a box for a single 15" Brahma?

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I got a single 15" Brahma Mark II that i did not install yet. I want it to be loud (around 140+ dbs, possible with a 15"?). before i spend an extra 1000 on another 15" brahma and amp, i want to put the single sub in a ported enclosure first to see how loud it is first.

with the single 15" brahma in the ported box, i will be using a Hifonics BX1500D amp.

My trunk is somewhat small. (1995 Lexus SC400) i dont need the trunk space so the box can take up the whole space if needed.

I just measured the trunk. heres what i got

MAX "height" of the box must be no more than 18 inches.

MAX "Depth" of the box must be no more than 19 inches

MAX "Width" of the box can be anywhere from 30 inches to 44 inches.

With numbers listed above, what is the best port box/design i can go with? tuned to what #?

thanks in advance guys!

Hi. I recently built a 3.5^3 @ 28hz. The hole is cut for a Brahma 15, with a 14" cutout. I want to get rid of it, so I'll sell it for pretty cheap if you're interested.

It has never been used, and it's not carpeted. It's actually on my website, if you'd like to take a look.

Otherwise, if you want it to sacrifice some sq for spl, build one with a higher tuning. Brahma's are touchy though, I wouldn't tune it too high or use too much power. 28hz will get quite loud in those lower frequencies.

I personally recommend wiring your driver at 4 ohms, 1500 watts will rip it apart daily.

if i wire the sub to see 4 OHM, the amp will only produce around 400-500 watts. will that power be enough for you box? i know its hard to tell but can you give me an estimate on how how loud (db) this setup will be if i get your box?:

your box+15" brahma+500watts off a hifonics BX1500D=?????

and does your box+15" brahma+1500 watts=blown sub?

How much including shipping are you selling your enclosure?(my zip code is 95823). What material is the box?

I am interested on buying your box, but will wait to see if other members have any recommendations on the box thats perfect for me.

500 watts in a 3.5^3 box is plenty, and I'm not just saying that to get rid of the box. I emailed Adire, and they recommended around 600 watts. It's a big box though, I'll have to double check my plans to get the dimensions for you to see if it will even fit.

db wise- I have no clue how loud it will get with your amp in your car.. sorry. You could tweak your heart out, and I'm sure the numbers could get up there. Are you looking for something that IS loud.. or SOUNDS loud? I was always partial to lower resonating freq's that shook the car up.

3.5 cubes is a pretty big box, if you want to go bigger and you have the room, go for it.

i want somthing that will rumble the car. I had two 10" type r's hooked up to the Hifonics amp (wired at 1 OHM) and the bass was pretty loud. i liked the vibrations of the bass when i crank up the volume.

can you give me the height and depth of your box? i want to make sure it will fit my trunk. how much are you selling it for?

This is my box!


I just finished a box (hopefully the last) for my 15" Brahma and it's actually kinda small:

16"H x 17"D x 30"L. It is 3cu' tuned to 28Hz. I am pushing it with 1200w @ 1ohm. Sounds awsome.

This is the fourth box I have made for it. I played around a lot to see how I liked it. I'm am finally happy. I don't know what numbers it will do. My old box did a 146dB on Lin-X. The last one I had did a 145dB on the new TermLab. These are a little bigger than the one I have now. If your interested in any of these, let me know.

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