Blue top vs Deka marine


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Aug 12, 2012
ft laud
Going into a boat w 2x 500 watts rockford amps, 1 is an AB, the other is D.  Charging system is less than stellar, current wise.  Both batts are group 27 and will be dedicated to the audio.

The Deka flooded battery actually has better specs, costs around 130.

The optima

has a much better rep, thinking I can get it for a bit under 200.

Are the bluetops going to be worth it, especially having worse specs?  Seems everyone has a hard on for optima, not sure why.  



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Jan 22, 2010
No one has a hard on for Optima that actually know anything about batteries. 

Dont waste your money on Optima. If you have a sams club membership their Energizer AGMs are really good and not expensive. The group 31s are $179. 


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