Big Sound inside a Loaf of Bread?

Classicvibes Newbie
May 15, 2020
Hi everyone, I would love a little guidance for anyone with a few minutes to share. I spent a few minutes designing a fantastic collage for clarity.

I have this VW Vanagon, and I haven't touched audio since around 1995. Even then I only had a basic understanding.

Currently, the vehicle only has speakers mounted in the front doors (bottom right) picture, and the sound is not that audiophile quality I was hoping for. I'm no snob, it seriously sounds dumpy. Great power, no separation. I think the entire front is run off the JL 300/4. I was going to use the Optidrive to do something in the rear, but now I am thinking I set this up poorly.

My question to any of you who wouldn't mind offering your expertise...what would you do in the scenario? I noticed the 5.25 PG used to come with their own crossover. There is one for sale right now, and I wonder if that might help it out? Perhaps I should use that Optidrive to drive the front doors? Anyway, I would love your opinion. I would like to utilize the system I have first and foremost, and then buy additional pieces as necessary. The rear for instance, is a big blank slate. One side note, I am trying to keep the original look. I appreciate any feedback and guidance. Think the JL is A/B/ I don't know about the Opti, but it was an incredible amp at the time.

Thank you for your guidance. I am excited to fill this huge space with some good sounds. One more sidenote, I do have a 10" Boston acoustics sub and box (not shown).



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May 22, 2013
Pharr, Texas
It is hard to believe that great equipment could produce a subpar listening experience. All of my installs are simple and most passengers comment that they would like to upgrade their own rides after a listen. Not a demo, I just love listening to music as I drive. So with your gear, I would definitely check my wiring and settings.


Nov 6, 2013
Have you checked the quality of the speakers? If they are already connected to an amp, better speakers may improve the quality of your sound. As the previous member suggested, check your sound settings and wiring. Also, I like the idea of adding a sub, You may be able to hide it in a storage area and install a grill in the door to allow the sound to get out. Just some suggestions.


Gunz That Turn on Nunz
Feb 5, 2013
South Coast Metro, CA
its a full on tuning issue. Your signal source, tuning, crossover points, network mode, time alignment is whats important. Just having speakers and powering them alone is not good enough for any real results. Acoustical treatments is necessary as well.
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