BEWARE of EBAY seller PAYTEM out of Fort Wayne,IN - Dishonest

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Athens, TN
Won an amp cheaper than seller liked I guess. First it was excuses why I wouldn't want the amp right after I won it. I said, that's ok, I still want it. Then she said shipping would be more than the auction stated, and I had already paid for.And demanded I pay the difference, I said no. I know what it takes to ship an amp, she's just fishing for more money at this point. ( I paid 30 seconds after winning btw, I always do) So she drug it out for weeeks with lies ect... about shipping it out. Bogus tracking number, the whole deal ...EXTREMELY combative in msgs, then just refunds my money , when I explicitly said I wanted the amp shipped to me, and did not want a refund. She still says the amp has been shipped and is on it's way ... Tracking # says it was never dropped to the shipper is still saying I am to blame for it all ...LOL ...

And she has a bnib AB 4100fr on there right now, listed as a Memphis amp ......

It's going for just 30 bux if any of you want to take the chance .... just don't say you weren't warned first ....

Ive had multiple people do me that way on ebay.. negative feedback and their name goes on the blocked bidders list .

The last guy i got into it with on ebay did a board swap on me. I sold a 100% working amp. buyer swapped out his blown board for mine. He put a dispute on me and got his money back. he thought he was going to shaft me with a blown amp. so he thought...haha. i raised 10 kinds of hell with ebay customer support and they gave me a complete refund for the purchased price plus shipping.

I fixed the amp for $3.00. resold it and made double what the amp was worth. //

Well, this seller just completely scammed a guy out of 350 dollars for a RF T-1500 1BDCP. Took his money and never shipped the amp ....

Is there an ebay black list on this site anywhere?? I think this seller needs added ...

And this seller sells on Facebook too, be very wary guys and gals .....

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