1. THRobinson

    Cheap eBay Heads

    Hey guys... haven't been on here in years since I got some good advice on upgrading my Impala. Wasn't a huge/expensive upgrade, but was very happy with the results. Stereo still sounds good... car, well, not so much. Buying a 3rd Gen Dodge Ram 1500 (2002-2005). I'm a big/tall guy so getting...
  2. adulbrich

    14k Stetsom on ebay

    Saw this while browsing, and it's a hell of a deal: Stetsom 14K2E 14000WATTS Amplifier | eBay Currently at $750
  3. Boominburban

    BEWARE of EBAY seller PAYTEM out of Fort Wayne,IN - Dishonest

    Won an amp cheaper than seller liked I guess. First it was excuses why I wouldn't want the amp right after I won it. I said, that's ok, I still want it. Then she said shipping would be more than the auction stated, and I had already paid for.And demanded I pay the difference, I said no. I know...
  4. M

    Possible Ebay Scammer gleason996

    I won an auction from member gleason996 an Alpine MRP-M500 Car Amplifier Item # 290834811430. I even paid for it immediately through Paypal Transaction ID #89045982YH9405510 to his email bglea@earthlink.net that was connected to the Ebay auction. A day later he emails me, "Thanks for buying...
  5. G

    powermax HO alternators EBAY

    Review of: Product: Powermax 250 amp alternator commonly sold on ebay Appearance: alternator comes packaged well, and appears in new condition, very clean. Performance:(most important factor): the main reason for this review is to clear up any doubt in ebay HO alternators or powermax's...
  6. tpatten12345

    Speaker Amp

    I am looking to get an amplifier to power a polk mm6501 component set. they are 2.7 ohms and they will take 125 rms. I would like to get an amp that is either just right or has a little headroom. the amp only needs to be 2 channels or 4 bridged. I was looking at one of these: Rockford Fosgate...
  7. I

    Battery and Alternator Help!

    I decided to get a kinetik hc2400 battery for my gmc 88 suburban and after looking at the dimensions of this battery realized it wouldn't fit in the battery tray. Is there anyway around this? Also, I really want to buy a HO alternator for my suburban as well but can not find any alternator's...