Bass cuts out and makes popping noise once my volume goes past 25/30

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I have a 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe sport stock alt, a kisloc2 for stock radio support running all ofc wire into a Jensen 600w amp at about 240x1
@ 4 ohms. With that running into a dual 4ohm 150w each rms kicker c12’s. All wire is ofc, and is the appropriate gauge with power wires that fit the terminals perfectly. Everything is going good until either the bass hits super hard, or I turn it up past 25 or 30 out of 45. The bass begins to cut out and make a popping noise. The amp isn’t going into protect either. I’ve reinforced my grounds, and upgraded all wire. Idk what the issue could be at this point.


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Sort of sounds like your amp isn't get enough power

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ringer ringer, chicken dinner... its your headunit. gotta upgrade mine as well, does the same thing, it cannot handle the additonal speakers, just the hardware within the head unit my boy. could look into a chupeo/chuchero head unit setup in your whip to avoid messing with the oe dash setup. Lots of accord owners do that so they dont lose function of the iMid screen in the 9th gen accords. Best of luck.

P.S. fully aware that this might not be your issue, however ive seen it on several vehicles, the head unit just cant support the additional speakers.
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