Amp won't shut off completely!

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Ok,so I have no clue why this is happening and I am in desperate need of some help.So I got a new amp and wiring kit in(it's an RE XTX 5000.1 with a knuconceptz 0 gauge wiring kit)and for some reason when my truck is off the power light on my amp still stays on very dim.But when the key is on I flip my toggle switch for my remote wire and it comes on all the way.I tried taking out the remote wire to see if that was it and the light just stayed on dim like before.I checked my terminals and no strands from the power are poking into the remote terminal.Also when the amp is on my sub is making a constant humming sound but when I turn up the volume it plays fine.Any suggestions PLEASE!!! I have a show this weekend I want to compete at and I want my setup good to go.

Thanks in advance!

hey man, i have the same issue. Ive checked draw and it isnt a enought to warrant anything, RE gave me some bs about caps could be discharging but who knows.

Then the hum sound your talking about could be a ground issue, does the hum go away if you unplug the rca's?

I haven't tried RCA's yet.I did just put in a new ground and I'm not sure if it is holding up to the 0 gauge.I was already going to bolt it directly to the frame today.The rca's are new so they might be screwed up.I'll definitely look into it though,thanks.

well you got the big three done too? That always helps, and you can check your ground with a dmm, you want less than .4 on the resistance. And we all know what a cheap ground looks like.

This sounds like an amplifier problem. I'd contact RE about it.

What happens if you remove the power cord? Light still on

Terrible voltage drop.don't have a voltmeter yet but I can definitely hear the bass dying down after a minute.Only running one 275 amp deep cycle battery with the stock 60 amp alt for now.

Pulled the power cord and the amp shuts I said it's not staying on enough to send power to the's just sending just enough power to keep the power light on really dim.

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