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Hi everyone about 3 years ago I had geeksquad at best buy install an alpine Mrv-M500 amp and Alpine Sw-12D4 sub in my 2016 ford focus st and all was great until I started my car the other morning and smelled an electrical burning smell. Check my amp and it was off. So I changed the two blown 30amp fuses on the amp itself and checked the fuse by the battery it was good. So I turned on the car with sub unhooked and amp turned on and had power. I attempted to hook up the speaker wires and it sparked and the sub stuck outwards and started smoking again.... what's going on? Sorry for the long post 😅


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it sounds like the amp blew something internally. could possibly take it to a shop and get them to test it? hopefully it is fixable.


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The amp has blown outputs from what you describe. When the output transistors blow they usually short which sends full power to whatever is hooked to it, essentially creating a short circuit. This causes the fuses to blow which protects the amp power supply from blowing up as well.

You're looking at a pretty substantial repair which will likely exceed the cost of the amp itself. Blown outputs are usually caused by overdriving the amp or substantial overheating, usually indicating that you don't have enough amp for the subs you are running, or you're trying to play too loud for the system you have.

I'd replace the amp with something at least 600W/RMS that will do rated power. Or consider getting another sub so that you don't have to drive the system as hard to attain the volume you're looking for.
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