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Xcedrin Newbie
Mar 31, 2021
Finished installing this but a few things need adjustments based on my listening experience. I havn't set gains yet and think I understand how to do this. I have them up a bit now to drown out the hissing sound. I just want to fix the rest of the settings on my amp as described below, adjust gains, clean up wires, secure the amp and be done with it.

My questions is the settings on my crossover on the amp. When it gets on the louder side it seems the mid speaker is putting out to much bass and over rattling things. I have read through the manual for my amp PDX V9 numerous times but I'm not sure I understand it or if I should even do this since I already have crossovers in the doors. I want to remove the low end bass , from the mids in doo, that is rattling at higher volumes. This is what I was thinking Set HP Filter to 1x, adjust frequency to 70hz, and set crossover frequency switch to HP?

The placement on my rear door tweeters were not very well thought out as it overpowers the front due to distance from ear. Any quick fix for this? I have a hole in my panel now.

I havn't messed with the sub much as of yet but it sounds ok but seems to be picking up a lot of the higher sounds I don't think it should be. Any ideas where I should be at on the these amp settings?

Doors are doubled killmat head unit is a pioneer not sure of the model I will have to look at it.

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