Alpine Mono Amp Pre Out

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I just bought an Alpine R-A75M for my sub woofers, and later plan on adding the Alpine R-A60F. My plan was to wire these with 3 sets of RCAs; one pair from the iLX-F509 that I already have to the A75M, and two pairs to the A60F. But I just noticed that on the owner's manual for these amps it has an option where the wiring only uses 2 pairs of RCAs. One from the head unit to the A75M, and then another from the A75M (PREOUT) to the A60F as the diagram shown below.

What is this PREOUT option on the mono amp exactly?

Is there any benefit or disadvantage to wiring with just two RCAs? Does this treat all 4 channels as two, meaning do I lose my fade setting?

The manual says this about the preout: Pre-Out Jacks (R-A75M only) These jacks provide a line level output. This is an ideal output for driving a second subwoofer amp. This output is full-range, and is not affected by the crossover.

Is this exclusive to these two amps, or exclusive to Alpine? Or neither, just an option I have never heard of?


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