Advice on my Puzzle Piece Build

Taith Newbie
Jan 2, 2020
Alright. So first off, I am totally new to car systems! I understand a bit of the basic things, but I would like a bit of professional help.
It all started with wanting bluetooth in my car...
To make it a bit short... I will just list what I have

Duel electronics radio (first thing I bought... it was cheap)
Pioneer TS-G690 speakers (fits all doors)
JVC CS-BB2 Powered Underseat Sub
MTX 12" Subs (2 in an enclosure)

I think my pieces all came from different puzzles....
I was going to run new speaker wires and I had lined up a non-bridgeable amp that had 45rms for the speakers... but I think my factory wires will be fine with those speakers and I think the radio will power them enough, am I wrong? I won't be blasting music a whole lot, and factory with the aftermarket radio seems loud enough.
I bought the powered sub off of ebay, thought that was good enough for now and I can upgrade later, it was on the cheaper side.
I am getting the MTX subs at a decent price, so I figured they are worth it.
My main problem is that I am trying to find a cheaper amp for the MTX, it is 1000rms at 2ohms and it's hard to find. Any ideas?

I know it's kinda a mess, but I wanted to go cheap for my first time learning and this is what I ended up with. What are your thoughts?
Thanks in advance and God bless!

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