Acura Integra - Install Tweeters in Factory Location


Aug 16, 2012
Hillsboro, OR
Do you own an Integra that didn't come with stock tweeters? That's okay! The only thing Acura didn't do was cut a small hole in the door. That is all. There are wires in the door for a tweeter, as well as a cutout where the tweeter would've gone.

Step 1: Tools

All I used was a sharpie and my WEN rotary tool (very inexpensive on Amazon) with a drill bit and then switched to a grinding stone bit.

Step 2: Adios!

Say goodbye to your old tweeterless door panel

Step 3: Measure Tweeter

If your tweeters didn't come with a template, measure them.

Step 4: Drawing lines

There's a small hole directly in the center of the cutout, this is where I centered the lines.

TIP: Draw a circle around the lines! I didn't think of it at the time but it would've helped a lot.

Step 5: Committed to the hole

Using the drill bit, drill a hole through the panel and create a big enough hole to be able to use the stone bit. Go to town with the stone bit, carving away ONLY the plastic (Not the fabric), checking to see if the tweeter will fit every 30 seconds or so, don't stay in one place too long or your circle will quickly become oddly shaped. I didn't carve away the fabric in order to fold it back, giving the tweeter a tight fit.

Step 6: Poke it in

After a few minutes perfecting your circle, it should finally be just the right size to accommodate your tweeter. (Repeat steps 1 through 6 for other door // )

Mission Success!

In less than 30 minutes you can turn your lame-o non-tweeter door panel into a less-lame door panel, woot!

For my build, I did not use the factory tweeter wires. I have speaker wire routed through the door grommets (NOT FUN) and into crossovers epoxied on the back of the door panel. Running off an NVX mvp4.



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