6.5 midbass enclosure questions


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Sep 11, 2020
Hey guys, what are your thoughts of a sealed enclosure for midbass? I am running the Morel Maximo Ultra 603 3 way active setup, and I have my 6.5 woofer totally sealed. This woofer from my research likes to play 80-500 hz. I have mine in sealed pods, and it doesn't seem like it's liking it. It seems to only like the lower midbass range currently, like 80-120 hz, tuning anything above that gets muddy and hollow sounding. I'm wondering if having it totally sealed is holding the driver back, restricting it from playing anything higher.i noticed when I installed them in the pods it seemed like the movement was restricted. Pressing them in by hand, they would return to resting position rather slowly, I'm certain it's because the air coming into the pod allowing them to move forward is very much restricted causing the speakers to move more slowly. I wasn't able to get 100% seal on them, so as they move back some amount of air is dispelled from the pod.

I'm wondering if drilling a few holes in the back of the pod would give these woofers what they need, or if I just need to keep messing around with the tuning? Midbass is punchy, but I'm lacking smooth lower end to music. Almost like a hollow midbass punch, but anything lower rhythm wise is missing. Thanks for any suggestions.


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Sealed would definitely improve your low end response ...
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