4runner added subs, now crackling


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2016 4runner non jbl. Big 3 upgrade, 270 amp alternator. Head unit is stock.
Tacotunes add a sub harness and remote wire harness.
Skar evl12's and rp-2000.1d amp (bought the kit)

The tacotunes sub harness has 2 pairs of wires, green and blue, positive and negative for each set. I wired the ends to speaker wire to RCA adapters they provided. Confirmed polarity is correct.

Skar amp speaker outputs are + + - -
The box only has a single speaker post + and -
I hooked up the positive on the box to the far left positive on the amp. And the negative on the box to the far right negative on the amp. This is how to correctly bridge it right?

When either the left or right RCA is connected everything sounds fine, but if I connect them both at the same time the stock speakers start crackling / staticky / buzzy / almost like clipping. However the Skar subs sound just fine. It does this worse at higher volume but it's not even loud at all and will crackle.

I've triple checked all connections, grounds are solid on polished metal, 1/0 gauge wire everywhere. Power wire is run on the left side of chassis, tacotunes harnesses on the right side. I've traced all wires and can find no damage.

Gain is turned all the way down, LPF is at 100. Subsonic filter at 20. Playing with these has no effect other than turning the gain up makes it worse.

Tacotunes support said I only need to connect a single RCA... wouldn't that only provide left or right signal input? I asked and they haven't responded back yet. I put in a request with Skar as well but that was just a minute ago.

This is driving me nuts, any ideas?


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Not too sure about that one, unless that tacotune harness is bad? I ran new everything on my 4 runner.. You should of too since you ran 1/0 gauge wire..


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Also where did you get your 270A alt?
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