2009 VW GTI build

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Built my buddies system in his 2009 VW GTI. installed a new JVC DD Head unit and a Alpine PDX-V9 which powers two sets of JL C5 components (3 way in the front, and two way in the rear) and a 15inch Rockford Fosgate P3 which is housed in a custom enclosure I built. Each speaker has an MDF spacers. all wire is Stinger HPM except for the speaker wire which is Monster 12g. This is a great sounding system that puts out a fantastic amount of bass

View attachment 26546981View attachment 26546980View attachment 26546982View attachment 26546983View attachment 26546984

We Pulled off the carpet and sticker bombed the entire enclosure

View attachment 26546987View attachment 26546985View attachment 26546986

The recommended gauge was 14, so I figured the monster 12 would be around that, which it was. not sure why they over label themselves, but for what it is, it works perfectly for this application.

Clean install. The factory placement of the 6.5" ***** firing right into the seats. Fail on VW:-(
I don't know what kind of sound stage they were going for but I think they were confused hahah. there is a 3.5" mid about 6inches below the sail panel where the tweeter is that helps a bit.

I'm very familiar with the VW's being a VW dealer tech for the past 26 years. Don't know what they were thinking on that one.

Post up pics of your deadening.

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