2009 Chrysler Sebring 2 dr Convertible build.


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Sep 25, 2020
Tennessee USA
Hey guys, I'm looking to have a really good listening experience and want the music to sound exactly like it's meant to be. I want everything nice and balanced.
So far I have purchased:
JBL club 3.5's
JBL club 6.5's
JBL club 6x9's
Boss head unit (temp)
12 guage ofc skar audio spkr wire
Sundown 8in x8 subwoofer
Should I replace my 6.5's with component 6.5? And replace the 6x9 with coaxial 6.5's?


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Jan 10, 2012
I recommend components over coaxial. No need to swap a 6x9 coax for a 6.5 coax though.

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