2004 Ford Lightning power wire/firewall help needed.


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The truck is a 2004 Lightning (the '97-'03 body style). I'm in the process of installing some equipment and would like some input on getting the 4-ga power wire through the firewall. So far, all I've seen in my searching is "run it under the truck", "there's a grommet in the floor", "go through on the driver's side."

I'm NOT running power under the truck. That's just asking for trouble. I'm not interested in going through the grommet in the floor either. I just don't trust that I won't have something get caught on the wire, and it's exposed for a small section of the run. I'm also not wanting to run all the way around the engine bay and then have the power on the same side as the signal.

I can't get my hands up in the dash to feel around very well and my inspection camera *****. I know someone has done this before. If anyone can get me in the right general area, I'd appreciate it. I've done this before on an '02 F-150 but it seems like things are much tighter behind the dash than I remember, and it's been a long time.

Thank you to anyone who can offer some insight.

Edit: I'm currently looking to the right of the computer harness pass-through roughly at the same level of the bottom of that connector (when looking under the hood).


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When you run it under the truck it's against the frame rail. Nothing will hit it at all. I have had mine like that for many years. If something were to ever cut it that's what the fuse is for.

There is also a grommet on the passenger side foot well area. Just pull the carpet back. The battery is on the same side.


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So you don't want to go under the body or through a grommet? Umm... I suppose you could leave a window cracked and go through there?


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I don't want to go through a grommet that is very low on the truck. Big difference in that and not wanting to use a grommet. If you were unclear about something, you could have asked a question.

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