1996 dodge ram


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May 3, 2022
I tried installing aftermarket 6x9s in the doors and there was a plug that had 4 wires in it red green grey black I believe I was told to cut the plug of the speaker and the red and green are positive and grey and black negative. I cut and spliced the wires pos to pos negative to negative and put the wires on the after market speaker plugged it in to the wire harness in the door on both sides turned key on and nothing. Did I do something wrong? Was I told wrong? Please help thanks in advance
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May 22, 2013
Did I do something wrong?
I installed a radio and 6x9s in my uncle's '01 Ram. I found that the wiring color code behind the radio does not remain the same to the doors. Had to use a multimeter to wire it right. You could look for speaker wiring adapters on line for your vehicle, choose the one that matches the ones you clipped, and scrutinize the picture to find the polaritiy. Easy peasy.
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