12" JL Audio 12W3-D6 (Old school early 2003 model) band-pass enclosure?


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Mar 31, 2020
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Greetings fellow car audio professionals & enthusiasts,

I just want to know if this would be worth my time and money or should I keep it simple with a sealed box?

Vehicle : 2012 Infinity G37 journey sedan

Location in the vehicle: Trunk directly behind rear seats (they don't fold down)

Space available (Length x Width x Height):

Subwoofer make and model: JL Audio 12W3-D6 old 2003 model

Subwoofer Size: 12"

Number of Subwoofers: I have 2 of the 12W3-D6's. The 3rd one was lost.

Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Port through rear dash maybe?

What type of music do you like?: Trance, house, dance, metal, classic rock & symphony compositions.

Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: 70% everyday music 30% SPL I'd like both if possible.

Tuning Freq (Hz): Not sure but I'm guessing 30-80hz total range? Someone educate me on this please.

Volume : Attached calculations I got from an online calculator. :/

Questions: It would be a tight fit for both 12" subs I know it's a small trunk but I would be happy with one if that's all I can fit.



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3cf per sub ported or 4.5cf per sub with a 4th order bandpass. Get other subs, you dont have the proper airspace. Those old JL subs need huge boxes, they are better for a home theatre application, not a car.

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