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    Audison Bit Ten D harness replacement wiring issues

    Hi, I've been dealing with connectivity issues over the past few years with my Audison Bit Ten D setup. It was professionally installed, though as I've encountered general issues over the years, I've managed to replace an RCA cable and a speaker on my own. However, the most recent problem...
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    New Radio Not Turning On

    Hello hello, So, I recently purchased a new radio for my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I bought the wiring harness and antenna adapter, and went to hook everything up, but the radio didn't come on. I checked the wires with a multimeter and my ground and constant wires seem to be fine...
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    Splicing into Speaker-Level Wiring

    I am installing an amp for a sub in my 2011 F-150 with the factory HU. Since my amp does not support speaker-level inputs, I am using a speaker to line level converter that will be tied into the Rear speakers, allowing me to use Fade to fine-tune how much sub I get. Either way, using...
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    viper amps ??????

    hello i have two viper amps that were pulled out of a veh that i sold... the friend did not get the plugs that go with the amps. dose anyone know where to get these i have tried dei,ebay and so on. my amps are a 150.2 and a 300w mono sub amp. and is there a way to make ur own wiring that u...