1. C

    NEED help from an enclosure designing wizard!

    I’m putting together a 6th or 4th order wall everything BUT design and specs is ready to go, that’s where the wizard comes in lol. I mean looking for someone who could whip me up something that will get low but get a little higher as well. I’ve tried doing this myself but I’m just not that great...
  2. S

    Series tuned bandpass wall for 12 8"

    Hi, im struggling with my wall and gotta ask help from here. So what do you recommend for ratio and liters for 12 Digital Designs redline 608. Im gonna put two DD's M4 amps for those at 0.66, approxamitely 12kw. I have in mind of 140 liters to backchamber and 420 liters to front chamber so it...
  3. Aleks15Civic

    Thoughts on positioning tweeters behind me into my subwoofer wall?

    My Setup: Car: Civic 2000 Hatchback Subs x2: Amazon.com: Kicker 10CVR154 15 CompVR 4 Ohm DVC Subwoofer: Car Electronics The Amp: Memphis Car Audio Amp 16 PRX 1 1000 1000 Watt | eBay Door Speakers: Amazon.com: Kicker DS65 6.5" Coax Speakers (Pair): Car Electronics The Amp: Amazon.com...
  4. S.B.C.

    6 18" IA DR's

    1x1 steel cage welded in- all mdf bolted to it I've yet to see 3 18s across- and stacked 2 tall in a vehicle yet, so I thought it'd be a change.. 6 18's- 7K- 3 Batcap 3000s- 2 alts.. 36cu ft. internal after sub n port displacement. 460sq in of port- tuned to 34hz. No #'s yet- will post em...