1. X

    Transfer Switch

    Hello yall. I'm a relative nooby when it comes to radio wiring. But, I have a concept that I can't find a lot of documentation on. So, here I am. First, this is a project that. I am still a little ways away from. I am just trying to do some homework beforehand. I have a 1965 Plymouth...
  2. V

    1965 C10 System Design with Vintage Head Unit

    Hello everyone. I have a 1965 C10 truck that I currently have an aftermarket system in. Basically kick panels, single amp and 2 10's. I want to change it up a bit and get with the times. I do not want to cut the dash so I want to continue using a vintage classic stereo that has bluetooth and...
  3. J

    Vintage stereo made to work with Bluetooth

    I am planning on using a late 70s stereo in a old car project and was wondering if there are any companies that can add that function to a old stereo. What I am planning on doing is using one of those under dash mounted Pioneer stereos in a 65 Galaxie like what I would have done back in 78 but...
  4. OTW2KeelAManIBecame1

    Adding Bluetooth to my vintage single Din deck

    I have a Kenwood KRC 999 that I want to add BT capability to. I've seen some videos on this but they all require taking apart and some soldering. I was hoping for a less permanent solution. Any suggestions would be appreciated. It has cd changer maybe that can be exploited?
  5. amix

    Refoaming Vintage Clarion SE-9450 4-way Speakers

    Hi, I found a pair of 30 years old, oval shaped Clarion SE-9450 4(!)-way speakers, 150W max. input from my first days with a car. I want to add them to my dad's old car on a soundboard (car is a liftback). Sadly, the foam disintegrates from just looking at it. 😃 Problem: It seems, the web has...
  6. A

    COMPLETED 15" MTX Thunder 9500 in ported box

    Have a mint condition 15" MTX Thunder 9500. This sub is a beast..sub itself weighs a's bulletproof that's for sure. Sounds good, beats very hard, and is all around my personal favorite of all the subs I've owned. 1000 watts rms rated. Is set in a ported box. Box not perfect but sub is...
  7. R

    COMPLETED Matching set of audison srx2 and srx3 $400+shipping

  8. Team TH (Donny)

    Vintage Electro-Voice EV SP15

    Item(s) for Sale: Vintage Electro-Voice EV 15Wk ***Update It's a "EV 15Wk", not "EV SP15" as in the title of this thread. I found this woofers original plate with Electro-Voice logo and stamped model number (had separated from bottom of woofers magnet).*** Item(s) Description/Condition...
  9. S

    Vintage cabinets repair help

    Hello guys, I'm still new to this forum. I joined looking for help and info to upgrade my car's factory setup but it was crashed outside my home as some may remember. The car is fine now but I have kind of a financial crisis. I decided to buy and restore an old console with new receiver and...
  10. P

    Vintage Blaupunkt SQR 22 wanted.

    Hi, Anyone have one like this in good condition lying around? If so i am very interested in buying one since that was the one my car came with originally. Thanks. Paal.
  11. OldSkull

    Old Schoolers Unite

    Hello car audio fellas, like most of us, I'm an old school C. A. fanatic, specially Zed made stuff, but all I hear in the O. S. forums is talk about Orions, PPIs, Soundtreams, Zed, and US Amps. I've been in this business since 86, and I think we should pay some respect to other manufactures that...
  12. bass maniak

    Alpine 3527

    I just bought this bad boy off some one who had got a car from there job site. It was left there & never picked up for many years. It had an old school clarion deck & this alpine amp back there. I offered 20 bucks for it but he said no so I offered 30 & he took the deal LOL. This...
  13. L

    Complete car audio system Pioneer

    When i get my new car (hopefully soon), i will be upgrading the entire audio system in it. I have been a Pioneer guy all my life (vintage pioneer for home stereo, pioneer receiver for home surround) and want to continue with this. I love them. I just want to know if I'm making a good choice...