1. M

    Headrest DVD players to head unit

    I am looking at buying a couple of rearview headrest DVD monitors for my car. Obviously these can connect to one another to play the same movie but is there a way to connect them to my head unit so I can play a movie from my head unit to the rearview monitors? I would also want to play movies...
  2. M

    Bojo Install Tools Video Review

    Review of: Bojo Install Tools These tools are used for removing panels from the interior of your vehicle. They can be found at online retailers for a price of about 12.99 for this particular set. Here is my video review!
  3. J

    Very Weird Deck VS Headlights Situation

    I am having a very weird situation with a deck i installed a few days ago. I bought a Pyle PLTS79BT 7-Inch Single DIN In-Dash Motorized Touch ScreenDVD deck (Regrets i know the name pyle says it all ...) But anyway other then the radio being a piece of junk everything works one hundred...
  4. L

    7" VGA monitor - Touch Screen - InDash - 1-Din - Great Deal

    This is a VGA and standard video monitor combined - giving it a very clean and attractive appearance. It does not have a recognized brand and was bought from an Ebay vendor in China for $245 about 2 years ago (although I only used it for a little over a year I think), but its really of pretty...
  5. VerTigo456

    WTT for Double Din

    Hey, I have a gaming computer with 22" monitor, high end gaming keyboard, mouse and joystick that I would like to trade for a double din for my Vette. Just shoot me a reply or PM with what you have. I have an excellent ebay rep as well as on corvette forum. Thanks, Steven
  6. L

    SOLD Palm Pre 2 VS iPhone 4G: enjoy your DVD/Video with smart phones

    Now in the market of smart phones, iPhone, also with other Apple devices are too hot, and most of the people think there is no other product could challenge the position of Apple iPhone. But actually it is not the case. Now Palm coms again, after cooperate with HP, we should believe that Palm...
  7. C

    older sony head unit??

    hey guys.. I was trying to find out/remember what the model number was to the head units Sony came out with about 5-6 maybe 7 years ago. It was a single din full color video unit..I think it had a flip down face plate to load the discs. I think there were 2 different models, one per year. I...