transmission line

  1. Buck

    Information on Box Designing

    I have been attempting to study the true nature of why we tend to tune transmission lines and enclosures in general like we do, the nature of bass, how waves and pressure act, and how to harness all the energy a sub makes to design bass response however you want. All I want to do is share some...
  2. T

    Transmission Line 10" Encolsure

    It will be located in the trunk with one or two TS-W106DVC subwoofers. My purpose in this build is to improve the low end ( Trunk dimensions: Max opening: 39.5" Max height: 15.5" Max depth: 36" Width @ C pillar: 36" I would prefer it to go back as far as possible; i.e. 36" is my prefered...
  3. M

    Transmission Lines

    Hi, Should or are transmission lines within a speaker cabinet be built in order to absorb all of the backward waves from a driver to prevent any phasing issues, or are they more used for turning an out of phase waveform, in phase, to come out of a port/vent adding to the amplitude of the sound...
  4. FtheNutHuggers

    Hybrid Audio I6SW Imagine Series 6.5" Subwoofer - Guess whats in my trunk video

    Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: Effectively, its a review video when you get peoples reply to what they think is back there. The GWIMT (Guess Whats In My Trunk) videos are amongst the most popular from this youtube variety channel. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.