system upgrade

  1. SirPudge

    System upgrade

    Hello, all. If any of you have seen my posts, you know I am doing an upgrade to my meager system. I have everything for the sub, my uncle is building the box for it, and now I have questions about mids and highs. Taking all suggestions, but I am a student with a modest budget, so please keep...
  2. J

    jl audio system setup

    HI, I am completely new to this forum but was looking for some advice. I currently own a 2013 Nissan Sentra SR with stock 4 speaker system which I am looking to upgrade. I was wondering if this setup is a good one. 1 Pioneer AVHX4600BT 1 JL Audio 10W3V3-4 hooked up to 1 JL Audio 600/1 class...
  3. O

    good system?

    im putting a system in my truck and was wanting to know if it was a good choice of componets with a budget of about $550. Here's what i'm looking at: head unit:Pioneer DEHX7500S amp:Crunch P1-1650.4n 200wx4channels 4ohm door speakers: Four Kicker 40CS684 6"x8" 225w max, RMS: 75w 4ohm subs...
  4. P

    New Audio Setup Recommendations

    Ok so I'm new to here but I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations on what I should upgrade my current car audio setup to when I get a new car in a few months I am looking for hopefully 2 12" subs and I'm not quite sure what brand to go for, Currently in my junk car I have 1 RF 12"...