sundown 12's

  1. T

    Help identifying sundown audio 12" subs

    I got some subs in my car a while ago and have since removed them. I'm looking to sell, but cant find any model number on them. Can anyone help me identify what model these are? They are sundown 12 inches. Additionally, what's a good selling price for these if they come in their sound box...
  2. A

    Need help identifying this subwoofer

    I was given this subwoofer for free it has a blown voice coil and I was thinking of repairing it but I can’t identify what model it is any help
  3. Y

    SUNDOWN SA-12 Steup (returning from Deployment)

    Hello all I'm looking to get the SUNDOWN SA-12 Set-up. I'm returning home from a combat deployment and I'll be new to sundown products (referred by a friend and I love them). I want the dual SA-12 set up for my "2014 Chevy Impala limited". Looking for info on what type of amplifier I need...
  4. G


    I was wondering would the sae-1500d give enough power for 2 sa12 d2 If not what would be a good amp that could. Thanks.
  5. mike12

    2 Sundown sa 12s Ported enclosure design help!

    So i recently got a bc2000d amp to power two sundown sa12s and my current box isnt cutting it. I have a 2011 ford focus ses. I wold like to stick with a sealed off trunk design with subs and ports facing into the car. Types of music i like is pretty wide i listen to rock, metal, new pop and...
  6. B

    2 sundown e12d4v3 not sounding the way i think they should

    Okay its like this, I purchased 2 sundown e3 12 version 3s and have them wired down to 1 ohm. I installed them in a sealed 1cu per side box and they sounded like they were leaking in the box so i had a new one made. Its tuned to 32 hz and has 3.4 cubs in total. I know sundown recommends 1.75...
  7. yroc434

    Subwoofer Shopping

    Im shopping around for some new subs and i wanna go with Sundown Audio! Im on a budget ($450 for a pair) and i would prefer 2x12's. What are some good Sundown subs in this price range? I would like DVC 2 ohm! Can someone please point me in the right directon! Also i dont have the amp yet i wanna...
  8. SRT8 Wolf

    Help subwoofer not hitting high bass notes

    Hi, I'm currently running 2 12" sundown audio e-12 d4 and a sundown audio SAE-1000d amp I have the amp set to 1ohm and my subs will not hit high bass notes only low notes I had them running on a precision power amp before and the hit every note fine now it only hits lows also my amp is getting...
  9. limbs760

    2 sa12 in a lancer es box help

    trying to figure out what i should tune the box to gonna run 2 sundown sa12's on a hifonics brutus 1700.1 any suggestions?
  10. V

    need help choosing new subs

    HELPPP!!! so i just ordered a hifonics brutus amp cea rated at 2400w rms. im looking to upgrade from 2 12" kicker comp R. Im looking at a few different options a 15" orion hcca 2 sundown audio x 12s or 2 incriminator death rows 12's. i have a 240 amp h.o mechman alternator a ground shaker ported...
  11. B

    2 Zv4 12s

    BOX Specs needed for 2 12 inzv4s as I plan on purchasing today. Sealed: Ported:
  12. P

    First build! Some basic help and questions!

    Hey there, I will be doing my first build here very soon and these are the subs and amp I will be using: 2 Sundown Audio SA-12's Either 1 Sundown Audio SAZ-2500D V.2/3500D V.2 (Not sure how much power I should use) or 1 Crescendo Audio BC 3500D/2000D (Again. not sure how much power I need)...
  13. T

    ****** Acoustic/electric Takamine Guitar for car audio stuff!!

    I am Looking for a good amp and subs preferbly 2 12's would consider 10's if sundowns, The guitar is a Takamine g series acoustic/electric 6 string,it is in excellent condition no scratches no scrapes.Plays beautifully.You cannot find one on the internet right now for under 700,msrp is 1400.00.I...