sub advice

  1. Jace14

    Can i just connect my mid to high speakers to my radio?

    Hey guys, so im making my first build on a old 1988 toyota 4runner and im installing some new Pioneer 250w mids and highs with a Magnat ultra 300 Reflex subwoof and a Magant rock 4000 amp. Because english isnt my first language its a bit hard for me to understand all of the tutorials so i just...
  2. Matt65

    Kicker CompS terminals question

    I recently bought some kicker compS subs off of marketplace, looking them up online says they're svc. Everything I've seen so far about subs is If it has 2 positive and 2 negative terminals it is a dvc and my sub has 4 terminals, so am I wrong about it being svc or are those 2 extra terminals...
  3. Jakezacb

    Line out converter problems

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for this question. So back in roughly july of last year i installed a LC2i line out converter in my 2021 kia soul. Ran a 12 volt constant from a 12 volt fuse in the fuse box. Grounded it and remote out from the LC2i to my amp. I tapped into both...
  4. A

    Subwoofer Reccomendation (sorry in advance lol)

    I know there's about a million guys always asking for sub recommendations, sorry to add to that count but I'm not sure what to get. I was looking at getting two Pioneer TS-D10D4's. They seem to be pretty well specced for the price, but I'm still fairly new to car audio, so any advice is...
  5. basshead03

    Choosing the correct amp for the sub

    Hey! 😁 This is my first ever project in car audio! So, first of all which one would be more rational: one big sub or two small subs? (I'm looking for a proper subwoofer experience!) Currently I'm thinking of getting one big subwoofer, at the moment I have chosen the Hertz SPL Show SS15D2. ( Link...