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    Unique (apparently) Car Audio Problem

    Hey all, Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have taken my car into "Tonkin In-car Solutions" about getting my car audio fixed but they have said to me that they don't know what problem it could be as they have never heard of this before?! And now want me to pay $100 an hour for them to go...
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    Need Help with popping noise.

    I don't know if this is the right place but I hope it is. So my problem. I installed a head unit with a monoblock amp and 2 subs. Everything was fine. About 3 months later I installed 4 aftermarket speakers and a 4 channel amp with new wiring. Everything worked fine for like 3 months and then 2...
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    Subwoofer Stopped Working?

    The sub just stopped working randomly when I went to start my car, then the next morning I started my car and the sub worked again and I went to double test and turned my car off and turned it back on again and the sub no longer worked and hasn't worked since then. I spent hours testing...