ssa dcon

  1. M

    ssa dcon or gcon 12 subwoofers

    looking for 2 ssa dcon 12s dual 4 or single 2 or ssa gcon 12s dual 4
  2. denim

    Tax Return Sale on SSA Dcon & Gcon

    Check out the pricing here:   Subs - SoundSolutionsAudio - DCON - SSA STORE   Subs - SoundSolutionsAudio - GCON - SSA STORE  
  3. denim

    SSA Dcon's and SSA Gcon's in stock ready to ship!!!!

    As of today, SSA Dcon's and SSA Gcon's are ready to ship as they are built. So that means still great pricing on top tier subs still made in the USA, just now with no waiting time as they ship out the same or next day.
  4. denim

    New SSA Dcon almost ready...

    Photos are done, specs and enclosure info will be up soon. Below are shots of the new Dcon 10, it is a shallow mount. It is still a great SQ option that blends really well, and can have authoritative output on modest power. The newer design has greater cooling and more motor force along with a...
  5. denim

    SSA Dcon's are back in production.

    After a little wait on parts, the SSA Dcon's are ready to go again. Check them out here: >>> DCON Series Sub Woofer  
  6. denim

    Some Dcon 15's in stock.

    While we are waiting on a few parts to come into the build house, there was enough to build up a small batch of Dcon 15's.   Actual inventory of this posting: 15D4: 8 units 15S4: 10 units   DCON 15 Sound Solutions Audio 15" 300W DCON Series Subwoofer - SSA STORE  
  7. soundsolutions

    SSA Dcon Product Photos (New)

    Photos of the DCON line for 2011. More information can be found here : 10" DCON Subwoofer   ---------- Post added at 02:08 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:08 AM ----------   12" DCON Subwoofer