speaker wiring

  1. David Simm

    Connecting more than four speakers to four channel amp.

    It has been many years since I had after market sound in my car, way back when it was just basic front, rear and a sub. Since that time I have been in a car with pretty good but not amazing sound and it does not have a modern infotainment system which is what I am upgrading to. The car comes...
  2. Siikdude

    Wiring my speakers to my amp properly.

    Hi there. So I have 4 of these Orion 6.5" Midrange Loudspeaker 1400 Watts Max 4 Ohm Hcca64n and anp orion The CBT4500.4. I have no idea if I have everything connected the best way to get the most out of the speakers. This is some specs of the amp ( 4500W 4 Channel Class AB Amplifier Peak Power...
  3. S

    Need help completing first build. Thoughts? Tips?

    I'm starting to take an interest in cars and vehicle audio systems, for as long as I know I was fed up with the poor SQ of stock speakers. Right now I have an 04 Blazer 2dr with stock HU, stock dash speakers, Pioneer TS-A1680F on my doors, and Pioneer TS-A6970F running in the rear. I spaced on...
  4. X

    Amplifier Wiring

    Hey, so i'm trying to upgrade my car audio and have few questions. Components i have: Amplifier Toxic TX1000 - http://www2.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/375000-399999/379195-an-01-en-Car_Power_Package_CPP_1000.pdf Subwoofer Mac Audio MP 225 BP custom box - Mac Audio MP 225 BP Car Audio...
  5. AsianPerzuasion

    I need some help

    I'm new to car audio stuff and this is my first so suggestions would be most helpful Car: 1999 Pontiac Grand AM 4 door se Headunit: KD-A735BT it has 3 Pre-Output Terminals being 4.8V Line (Already installed in the car) Front speaker: Pioneer TS-A1605C Component speakers (RMS 5-60 watts each)...
  6. R

    Speaker to PC

    Hi everyone. I need some help connecting speaker to my PC. The problem is, that the speaker is using 2 pin din connector and I can't connect that to my PC. I need some help converting it to normal PC audio connector. I got: Speaker 2-pin Din connector 2 normal PC audio connectors As I...
  7. B

    How to 3 ohm components

    Can anybody help me with this? Not sure how to wire a set of 3ohm components. Was thinking about running 2 sets of the Soundstream SST's (3ohm). Can these be ran by 4ch @ 1 per channel?
  8. B

    Wiring Help please

    I currently have a sound system setup in my car, it includes: 1 Kenwood KDC-MP442U (22 rms x 4 to speakers) 2 Infinity 6x9's 300W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity 6.5's 180W 2 Ohm speakers 2 Infinity tweeters 2 Jl w0 10" subs (with custom box) 1 Hitron 1000W mono block amp powering the subs I...