spare tire

  1. Neotek

    Spare Tire Subwoofer

    Hey everyone! I am thinking about custom making a fiber glass subwoofer enclosure that uses the extra space inside a spare tire ( I have seen some good reviews on it, as well...
  2. S

    SUV Spare Tire Well Design

    I have a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and I plan to put a subwoofer enclosure in it. I need some help on the best way to design it. I was planning on removing the spare tire and placing the sub enclosure in the spare tire well under the cargo area and firing the sub upwards. For my car I still need...
  3. Da64u

    Do you like my ground?

    The place where the spare tire is tightened. I sanded it and went to the hardware store and got the right size bolt and a washer. What do you think?