1. B

    What amp for my tc sounds lms-r 12's? Got a few ideas, just need some direction!

    Hey guys, so I'm back with another thread to try and get a little closure on products. So I've got the boxes made, filled with TC Sounds LMS-R 12's, ID Components in the front, Coaxial 6x9's in the back, proper electrical (HO Alt, Big 3, 2 Yellowtops), now its down to the amps. I was originally...
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  3. B

    Componenets: Soundstream SST vs. Alpine SPR's / any comments?

    Getting ready to order some components. Going in a Grand Am...decided to go with 2 full range 6x9's in the rear and 6.5 comps in the front. SS's or Alpine's? Read good things about both, but does anybody have any comments about the 2? Also, I was thinking about running a SS Ref 4ch to these, but...
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  5. D

    2 Soundstream Amps and 2 12" Kicker XPL Subs

    Item(s) for Sale: 1 Soundstream Rubicon 502 1 Soundstream Rubicon 404 2 12" Kicker XPL speakers in a carpet box Item(s) Description/Condition: All items are in good condition. They were used for about 1.5 years and have been well kept since. Speakers - Kicker X12 XPL 400W 25-500Hz...
  6. J

    FS:WI:2 sounstream R1-12's, memphis mc1.1100 N Power Acoustik Flip up touch screenHU

    If interested, Please PM me an offer. Item for Sale: 2 Soundstream Reference R1-12" +box? Item Description/Condition: Like new. Mounting Depth *7.5” Outer Diameter *10.375” Cutout Diameter 11.125” Driver Displacement .15 cu.ft. Impedance Dual 4 ohm RMS Power 800 watts MAX Power 1200...
  7. B

    Old Player, New Game! Been Away for a Few Years, Looking for Some Help!

    Hey guys, new to so I apologize if this is a stupid post. Used to be heavy in the audio scene when I was a bit younger, but kinda fell off for a few years, seeing how I lost my license. But anyway, I'm back and looking to get it right the first time! So I've done a bit of research...
  8. mrezstreet

    battle of the SQUARE subs MTX vs SOUNDSTREAM vs.KICKER

    I sell all 3 brands, so i cant I want to do a head to head on the sq subs. MTX is sending me a TS55 12, Kicker will send me a L5 12 as soon as the 2010 subs is out, and I am working on SOUNDSTREAM for a TSQ12 to. should I do both street beats and burps? or just 1 1) boxes will be...
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  12. 67 Chevelle Soundstream Installation

    67 Chevelle Soundstream Installation

    Briggs Defoor's 67 Chevelle Show Car, Soundstream Custom car audio system installed by David Hawkins at Cars of Macon for more pictures
  13. soundstream 40c

    soundstream 40c

  14. soundstream spl15

    soundstream spl15

  15. old install, soundstream reference class A amps

    old install, soundstream reference class A amps

    OLD soundstream reference subs SS10RII's in an AP enclosure with membraine on top. Amps are no Tube Drivers. Deck is Nak CD-700II; speakers are a/d/s 300is