soundqubed supertweets

  1. S

    Help build for 02 Acura TL S/ Multi component set up

    First of all, I'd like to introduce myself, new to the forum. Started reading here since 2 days ago, this is the first time I'll install a system in a car and I'm very excited! (I have read the 101's and looked into builds and other threads that have answered many questions but I'd like to get...
  2. Justin braaapp

    pro audio setup help??

    I have some soundqubed super tweets sitting in my room and im debating on ordering soundqubed pro audio mids and a new 4 ch amp and deadener but my question is does a pro audio setup have the potential to sound really crisp and clear or is it always going to be do bright to hear and enjoy? I...
  3. Justin braaapp

    super tweets not sounding great?

    So i went ahead and bought a pair of soundqubed super tweets just to play with since they are pretty inexpensive. Ive only played with them on my home theater system and they really dont sound good at all, the sound is really muffled and about all they sound decent on is dubstep music. It...