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    Help!!!!!!!!!!!! Low wattage single 12" green amp light pulsing/protect mode

    So I've had my sub installed for a couple months, no problems. A few days ago right after school I blew a 25 amp fuse. Replaced it, blew again shortly after. Didn't think too much of it. I tried 4 other amps, and the same thing would happen, but no fuse blown. It would just hit protect. Sound is...
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    two 400w amps to one 1000 watt sub or to two subs

    So I have some audio equipment lying around that I got for free and I'm wanting to hook something up again in my car that will provide the most umph. I previously had 1 very old generation 12" alpine type R in a single box powered by a really old soundstream reference class A 5.0 amp that I...
  3. Ahh that's much better :D

    Ahh that's much better :D

    Finishing touches on my self-built enclosure...
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    Contemplating upgrade single 10" to 12"

    My current setup lacks the lows and i'm itching for a change. Current setup: 10" Alpine Type R in Sealed 0.75Cu box Phoenix Gold X400.1 rated at 434W. Thinking about changing to a Fi X 12" with the same amp in a new sealed 1.25Cu box. Would this make a noticeable difference? I would like...