1. timbo-slice

    Best place to take inputs from on a 16 Sierra w/ Factory bose

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I hope this isn't a repost but I have scoured the web trying to find some insight on this. Here is my setup: 2016 GMC Sierra denali crew with Factory Bose with 8" console sub and bose amp on the rear of the cab I am running 2 JL 12TW3-D4s in a sealed box under...
  2. B

    2015 GMC Sierra Crew help

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with the design / install of a small system in my new truck. It is a non Bose with 8in touch screen. What I want to do is add a small 5 channel amp, replace the factory door speakers, and keep the stock head unit. This is a small budget build, I already have a...
  3. eskibro

    Design for two 8's in a vented enclosure - 1998-2007 silverado extended cab

    So, I was playing with Google Sketchup today, and came up with a vented box that fits under the seat of my 2003 silverado extended cab. Raked the subs in to protect them from wandering feet and to experiment with reflecting sound waves off of each other (any input?). Ports in the center over the...
  4. Project Showdown

    Project Showdown

    1996 GMC Sierra 1500. My current project that is almost finished.
  5. My Truck

    My Truck