remote wire

  1. mikejack

    amp remote wire

    so had a issue where my amp would work when car was stopped but when i drive it shuts off i did the remote wire jump on amp then everything works fine when driving do you know what the issue could be since remote jump works??
  2. M

    Odd Remote Wire Behavior

    Hey guys, really stumped with this one. Today I went out and bought myself some new beefier wires for my amplifier. I just swapped the existing wires for the new ones. Afterward I powered on the car by turning the ignition to accessory, and I went out and fiddled with the audio levels on the...
  3. Marve_Lous

    Remote Wire to Fuse Box Help

    I have a 2012 Buick LaCrosse that I installed an aftermarket amp and kept the factory HU. I ran my remote wire to the fuse box under the steering wheel, and connected it to the radio fuse. Everything works fine except that the amp stays on even when the car is cut off and the keys are out. I’ve...
  4. T

    Amps Fine, Won't turn on? Never heard of this...

    I have a couple of amps, a Cadence z1502, and a Clif Designs 4 way 1400w. Been using the amps for 4 and 8 years with no problems ever, until 1 month ago. Here's what has been happening: - When I began turning up the volume everything was fine, but when I turned the sub level on the deck...
  5. J

    Electrical issue

    Ok so sorta having a problem, 2006 Kia Optima, I installed my appradio 3 head unit the other day, on the harness there's a remote wire for the car I was told due to the infinity system amp for the speakers, so I hook up the remote wires for the two and run another one for an amp that I had...
  6. S

    Remote wire on stock head unit.

    I drive a 1998 Jeep grand Cherokee Laredo, I have a stock head unit and am not looking to change it yet, so where should I put my remote wire for my after market amp?
  7. J

    cars remote wire not working

    The problem isnt from the head unit to the amp but from the to the head unit my radio wont turn on unless i hook it uo to the constant and its getting rather annoying does any have any idea what might be causing this because its got me stumped
  8. M

    Is it my remote wire?

    Hello all, my name is Daniel and I've been a long time lurker and finally making an account because i've run into a problem I can't seem to find an answer to. I'm running all my car audio on one 4 channel amp. first 2 channels running alpine type r components and bridged to run 1 sub. It used to...
  9. sizzl3r

    Remote Wire Troubleshooting

    sup /wiring Since I'm upgrading systems, I was in the process of doing some rewiring for my truck. I got everything wired last week so I had my power wire just chilling in the back, and it some how touched the remote wire and sparked a bit. I know that's bad, but I didn't think much of it. When...
  10. U

    Remote wire to deck alternatives

    Ok, so I have a Kicker 350.1 amplifier and a 10" pioneer sub in a ported box and an eclipse cd5000 deck. I hooked everything up and realized using the remote wire hookup on the back of my deck won't turn the amp on, i also tried the acc wire and the power antenna wire, no luck. i was getting...
  11. Quizzno

    3 Amps, Remote wire with Toggle Switch Help

    So i have already in my truck 2 12" Jackhammers with a 1250w matching amp. what i want to do is get an additional two, 2 channel amps. One for my door speakers to run all of the time, and one for speakers outside of the cab with a toggle switch. Questions: Can I run 3 amps off of one H/U...