remote start

  1. D

    Remote Start Clicks but Doesn't Turn Over!?

    Hey everyone so im just about finished installing a Crimestopper SP402 1 way Alarm/keyless entry/remote start in my 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. I have everything installed and working cept the door sensors which shouldnt matter anyway.(last thing to do) bUT my problem is for my remote start i got...
  2. J

    Remote starter question

    I have an old autostart #as1474 . I never installed it in any vehicle. Still new in the box. I was wondering if it was ok to install in my 2011 Jeep Wrangler? I know I need to get a transponder bypass moduale. But will this older remote starter work in my 2011 Jeep? Its about 10 years old...
  3. C

    A national network of remote start installers

    Hey Gang, I'm in the process of launching a product that let's you start your car with your phone (like the Viper SmartStart system but better), which will have internet-based sales, including the remote start and/or alarm systems that would pair up with the device. Ideally, I would like to...
  4. B

    Amp shuts off at about half volume

    I am doing an install on a 2012 ford escape factory radio (no factory sub, no sync, no navigation). I am having trouble with the Polk 330a amp I'm putting in. As I mentioned the amp is turning off at mid volume. I have put a DMM to the ground and power wires and I get a reading between 13 &amp...
  5. NewLogic87

    Is this fuse required to get power to the amp? (see pic)

    I've just installed a new stereo but I can't get my amp to turn on for some reason. I've quadruple checked every connection I know to check and I'm thinking it could be either: 1. The amp is broken. 2. The remote on cable might not be getting its 12 volts from the deck and I should try hooking...
  6. A

    SOLD Brand New Viper 5902 Remote Start

    Item(s) for Sale: Viper 5902 Remote Start Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand New In Box Price: $350 Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: $15 Item Pictures: