1. Enemy5802

    What do you think of my first enclosure? (Ported)

    I have this enclosure tuned at 32hz, it's for a 12" subwoofer. Will be building this out of 3/4" mdf. Have no idea if i should use screws (predrill first) or wood glue. This is my first time making an enclosure and owning a car subwoofer. Port width is 2". Box has 16" height, 24" width, and i...
  2. aaronwhitlock3

    Opinions on these head units. Wanting to get a new one

    Ok I have a cheap power acoustik 8.3in flip up. And I want somthimg diffrent not really looking for another flip up. but I really want it to have a sd card slot and I want it to be a quality h/u with hi volt prouts. i found a couple pioneers that look nice so if u have saw or used these lmk...
  3. T

    What are my best options????

    Hello everyone.. I'm new to the car audio scene and am in search of advice from people with actual knowledge and firsthand experience! Heres my situation: I have 1000$ to spend on: 1 or 2 subwoofers an amplifer a wiring kit installation ( need advice on where ) a box ___________________...