1. B

    Out of the loop... Amp help

    Hey guys, I know posts like this are redundant 😫. I was into the audio scene back in the 2000s but not so much in the past 5 years. Here is what I need some assistance with: 2018 Ford F150 10" SSA GON - Sealed box 1.3cf (rear center console enclosure) Looking for a "budget" amp to run this...
  2. diaz_13

    WTB NVX jad900.5

    after many post if finally decided on the amp I'm looking for I'm looking for a nvx jad900.5 for my setup. Seems to be a great amp for the price. So if anybody is willing to let one go let me know.
  3. slomaro

    looking for a new sub. need suggestions

    So I bought a new(er) car and want to get a new audio set up. I want a single 12" in a sealed box that hits some nice low notes. I'm trying to spend around $150 or less (Less preferably lol) but want it to hit nice and hard. I've been researching forever trying to find the best sub for that...
  4. SonicHD

    NVX Xtreme Sound Giveaway

    We launched our NVX Xtreme giveaway today and it lasts til October 31st. There will be 10 winners in this contest so there will be lots of chances to win! Click on the banner below and enter! We know how much you guys like free stuff! http://sonicelectronix.pgtb.me/s6dFxh