1. 350zkid

    Couple subs, motors and baskets.

    Item(s) for Sale: (2) TI style 10" baskets new (2) Skar ZVX v1-1.5 motors 3" coils (3) RF P312D4 (original ones) 12"s dual 4 ohm (2) Pioneer Premier TS-W126DVC 12"s dual 4 ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: Baskets are new never been used ZVX motors are used, bottom scratched up, couple...
  2. adulbrich

    Got some P3 motors

    Well, I had sold my Boss "4k" to a friend of mine local for $100 because he got some 15" Rockford P3's that the previous owner left in the Mustang he traded his Jeep for. He thought the subs still worked, but we went to hook them up today and the coils on both subs were slinkied Burnt and off...
  3. 350zkid

    Sub Motors 3"-4" coils

    1. Product: Two Skar ZVX 3" coil motors (version 1.0-1.5) One Orion HCCA 4" coil motor 2. Specs: 3" coil ZVX 4" coil HCCA HEAVY!!!!! 3. Description/Condition: Used. Solid, no shifts or breaks. 4. Price: : $250 shipped for the SKAR motors $130 shipped for the HCCA motor 5...
  4. G

    looking for two motors

    i need two 340oz 4" coil motors i have two but i need to more for a rebouild im doin or ill trade my two motors for four matching decent motors i live in fl so my area code is 32909 help somebodys lol
  5. T

    Question About Incriminator Audio Death Penalty Motors.

    Solid Slugs versus the newer vented Motors. pros and cons of each and why.
  6. T

    Wtb motors

    Im pretty set on nightshade motors, I want either a pair of v.2s, a pair of v.1s, or i could take a single v.1 because i know someone local with another. i have trades or cash. if you post any other type of motor, please make it at least similar, the triple 1"x9" motor is a favorite of mine, so...