1. D

    19mm MDF or 12mm marine plywood for sub box?

    Hello guys, I had on mind making a 250 watt RMS subwoofer ported box from 19mm MDF but recently i found in my house some 12mm marine plywood. So i say to use the plywood for my sub box as i will save about 20-30 euros and also the box is not gona be as heavy as the MDF box. What do you say...
  2. Zackster

    Double stacked 1/2'' MDF VS 3/4''

    So I decided to go with double stacking 1/2'' mdf to get the full 1'' rather than single 3/4'' mdf. It ended up being about the same price as just getting the 3/4'' and I can only be better considering it's thicker right? Just wondering if anyone else has done this method? If so, how did it turn...
  3. T

    Best type of wood?

    Only going to be using four kicker cvr 15's running around 2200 rms......
  4. Enemy5802

    Cracked MDF???

    So I'm making a ported 12" subwoofer enclosure. The holes I pre-drilled aren't completely perpendicular so this resulted in a slightly crookit holes. I pre-drilled, glued countersunk holes, and inserted the screws. Unfortunatly I overtightened them resulting in a little crack. Here is a...
  5. O

    air leaking out of box!!!

    hi i recently made a new box for my 2 12" american bass xfl's and air is leaking out one side of the box where mdf meets mdf and it makes a unpleasant noise (mdf slapping against mdf). Anyone have a solution to fix this?
  6. obidon

    MDF Help!!!

    Okay, so I probably shouldn't have done this but I drew up plans on my box. it's for a single 12" and will have a single PVC port 4" wide and 12" long. after port and basket displacement, the box will be 2.25 cubes. So this is my problem... By the way, it's 3/4" MDF Home Depot cut the pieces...
  7. P

    How to strengthen pre-fab sub box

    I am somewhat lazy and dont have access to many tools, so I went out and bought a cheap box made out of ~5/8 mdf. I didnt realize how important box strength is. Some people say you can strengthen the box by adding dowels, or by coating the inside with polyester resin. one guy said he painted the...
  8. MDF