1. House Stereo beefy.jpg

    House Stereo beefy.jpg

    Currently my house stereo plus some of my extra gear. Running the (2) Massive Audio DC-10's and the 15" Kicker SOLO-BARIC L7 all parallel to each other and to the amp. A .67 ohm load for a house setup isn't too shabby. The MTX Thunder 4500's will be added in with my Concept 2502L @ 2ohm.
  2. M

    Building new box any tips to make bass better

    So...I am building a new box for my truck I removed bench and made a olds 3rd row seat fit..Now I have a large area to build a good box for my 2 massive audio kilo 104s..Normaly I build a Box to fit where ever I can..This is my first box like this so I'm going to over build the **** out it...
  3. M

    best amp or amps to use in my truck..all help is great

    My truck currently has 2 amps 1 2000watt crunch on 2 massive audio kilo 104s sealed 1 crunch 1000watt 4ch on 1 massive hippo 84 sealed and 2 american bass closed back 6.5s my hippo is sad 125rms> closer to 80-100 I have a crossfire 320 laying around but would like to put some power on...
  4. C

    audio Massive: DBX4

    230W RMS X 4 @ 4 Ohms. LP/HP/BP crossovers. Massive Audio DBX4 250W 4-Channel D-Bit Series Class AB Car Anyone have experience with this AMP?
  5. massive audio N3

    massive audio N3

  6. massive audio N3

    massive audio N3

  7. johnsonboys

    Massive N3 nano

    Item(s) for Sale: Massive audio N3 nano block amp. this little thing is no joke, i was skeptical because of its size. In the real world this little thing performs great! does every bit of rated clean power and you can tuck or hide this thing anywhere. lookin for something closer to 2k or a nice...
  8. johnsonboys

    massive N3 amp, HDS312D2

    Item(s) for Sale: I have a massive audio N3 amp I'm lookin to sell or trade for a 2500rms or so amp will add cash. I'm also thinkin about changing up my system and I have a new HDS3 12in dual 2 ohm with less than an hour play time it's just starting to lossen up and get louder. Sounds really...
  9. n8skow

    Massive Audio N4 - excellent condition - with 6 month warranty!

    Item(s) for Sale: Massive Audio N4 - 2000 watts @ 1-ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: Has maybe 20 minutes playtime on it - in excellent condition. I'm also offering a 6 month warranty on this unit. No trades... Price: $350 shipped continental US (price drop) Shipping and Miscellaneous...
  10. B

    Amp Suggestions for 2) 12" T3 T.2000's

    Hey guys, back for a little input. Originally the idea was to run 2 SS DTR1.3400's at 1ohm each, figured they were a little underated so I thought each sub would see around 2.5k at 14. Well then I changed it up to run 2 AB PH4000MD's (through another guy on here, not even sure if they're on the...