1. Power_Glove

    FOR SALE JL 13W7 AE W/ Custom Ported 27Hz box and JL RD1500/1 Amp

    Up for grabs is a JL 13W7AE, custom made Baltic Birch Box (Mr. Marv design/build), and a RD1500/1 amp. All of these are brand new basically, 1 month old. The 13W7AE will come with my Crutchfield receipt, and original crate, so you can use the JL 5 year warranty (if ever needed). The RD1500/1...
  2. Terrum

    Looking to hit hard @ ~28hz (Can I get better than a HO112-W6V3/12W6V3-D4 or 15W0V3-4?)

    Unfortunately I don't have the knowledge nor the tools to build my own box so I splashed out on the overpriced JL Audio HO112-W6V3 about 6 months ago, and it's been by far the best quality prefab subwoofer I've managed to get my car to output with its stock alternator (~90amps). Although the...
  3. B

    FS: JL HD600/4

    View Listing FS: JL HD600/4 4-channel subwoofer amplifer 150 watts RMS x 4 (rated power from 1.5 to 4 ohms) 300 watts RMS x 2 bridged (rated power from 3 to 8 ohms) variable high- and low-pass filter (50-500 Hz 12 or 24dB/octave) subsonic filter and output...
  4. mrpep

    Please help with w7 10” box design

    I just bought a used w7 in a ported box that actually sounds pretty good. Thing is it’s a bit punchy for my taste. The box is 14x15x17 and the port is maybe 2”. I usually like 2 c/ft for a 12 at about 32 to 34 hz so I’m thinking that either a longer box like 28” with a larger port maybe 3” might...
  5. Jl 500/1 & 15w3

    Jl 500/1 & 15w3

  6. JL W0 porn

    JL W0 porn

  7. 3 JL W0's. OLD system

    3 JL W0's. OLD system