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    Engine whine - Desperately need help

    I've posted about this topic a couple times already, but I have yet to find a solution. I installed an after market amplifier to power my mids and highs. I already have a sub amp that isn't having the same issues. My stereo is a JVC KW-M780BT. The amplifier powering the whine is a Infinity...
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    Interference from brake lights, signals, and rear defroster, Please Help!

    After installing a 4 Channel amp I'm getting a humming through all speakers. It happens when I press the brake pedal or have my signal on and is much louder when I'm doing both at the same time. I also get a pop when turning on the rear defroster. It gets louder the higher I set my gains. I...
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    Interference/distortion please help

    Alright, I have a weird problem I'll post here, any help would be appreciated as I have NO clue what's going on. At high levels (30-40 out of 50 from the head unit) I hear distortion coming from my right rear speaker. At higher levels (40-45/50 from HU) it spreads to the front right speaker as...
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    static noise in all speakers PLEASE READ!

    ok so bare with me, i have a 2001 chevy malibu ls with kicker zx450.2 for my mids and highs, kicker dx1000.1 for subs, kenwood excelon deck, kicker 6.5 and 6x9 (both cs), two batteries, 0 gauge kicker wire. i have always had this problem through several setups, used to have whine also but i...
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    Alternator noise coming from current wiring?

    2002 Ford Taurus SE Kenwood KDC-X493 HU - JBL GTO7001 mono 700W RMS - 2x JBL CS1014 10" Subs (bridged) - Rockford Fosgate 400.4 4x50 amp (for speakers) Just hooked up this amp (Rfg 400.4) I got from this chick on craigslist after having my Sony xplode "walmart special" actually explode; and I...
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    Voices passing thru to Subs.

    I have been installing my 1st aftermarket amp/subs in my ride. Now that I've gotten sound, I am also getting voices passing thru to my subs. Any idea what the culprit might be causing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've looked around online to see if this issue has been brought...