1. S

    Are 3 12” sub setups good or just a weird gimmick

    I was trying to find some info about 3 12” sub boxes and setups but I couldn’t find much info on if they are good or just a waste of money. I want to slowly upgrade my car audio system and one of my main concerns is that I listen to a lot of different music that is mastered very differently...
  2. A

    Need ideas! Get Crazy!!

    Hi everyone!  I have had a thread going on in General discussion about a new audio setup I would like to do.  I am still a little bit of a noob but I am reading and learning as much as I can as I go along.  Jeffdachef and a few others helped me out a ton on choosing speakers etc for my new...
  3. Z

    Sub suggestions

    I'm planning my build in the upcoming warmer weather in the spring /summer I already have my dc 5k and will be getting the electrical to run it at .5 I need suggestions on what kind and how many subs I should get. I've got about 30cu ft to play with. Would like maybe a couple 18s but am open to...
  4. 05trailblazer

    need some ideas on some subs!

    i going to be getting 2 pairs of subs looking to get them in the range of 1000rms or more, definetly going to be 12's, the price range should be from 135 each or a lil bit more. im leaning towards more spl, but some good sq as well. also iam going to put them in a blazer. but i cant decide what...