1. AccordExL2k15

    Remote wire problem Accord 2015 ex-l navi coupe

    Hey, I just installed a pre-amplified sub to the OEM sound system. The huge problem is that I can't find a good source for my remote wire. I tried taping into the rear speaker wire (this has worked on my 09 Yaris and 08 CSX-S) but it doesn't seem to work here. I then ran the remote cable to the...
  2. Karol Illy

    Honda CRX del Sol subwoofer build

    Hi everyone. Last year I've built this little enclosure for a Honda Crx Del Sol. I would like to hear some opinions about the build. Subwoofer: Loudspeakers:
  3. M

    [SOLVED] Can I Install My Line Out Converter This Way?

    I installed two 12 inch subs with an amp and a line output converter in my Honda Accord 2009, and I wired it to the harness on the head unit but the amp never turned on. I took it to a car audio store and had them look at it, and they said that it can't be wired to the radio because it isn't...
  4. M

    Looking for a top notch Maryland (No Baltimore) audio shop

    Hello my people, my speakers seems to be dying out. Olivia (My Car) is finally ready for new ears. I'm looking for a shop that offers lifetime warranties on the products they use. I looked on yelp, but I can't seem to find the shop I went to before. I am looking for a top notch car audio shop in...
  5. S

    Speaker size for this car

    Anybody knows front and back speaker size for Honda Mobilio ?
  6. W

    2004 honda accord lx amp and aux cord installation

    hey y'all thanks for reading. I have a 2004 honda accord lx with stock deck and speakers, i added a gta car kits aux cord and iPod hookup to the back of the radio. I want to add an amp and 2 12" subwoofers but keep the stock deck and an aux cord hook up. does anyone know a good way to have a...
  7. B

    Hypertech 62002 Max Energy Sport Power Programmer for Honda

    Item(s) for Sale: Hypertech 62002 Max Energy Sport Power Programmer for Honda HYPERTECH® 62002 - Honda S2000 2006-2009 Max Energy Sport Programmer Item(s) Description/Condition: Great Sport tuner for most honda vehicles (Civic, S2000, ect.)...
  8. Project Civic

    Project Civic

    My new project






  12. Reddish Neck

    Civics Slow?

    Alright the other day I was on my way home and these two ricers pulled up next to me at a stoplight. A '94 Honda Civic 5-Speed and a '91ish Honda Accord 5-Speed. They obviously were going to race eachother but when the light turned green I stomped on it as well. I raced them again from a 45mph...
  13. P

    My 1999 Honda Passport

    Last year I had new speakers installed and they've got really good sound quality. However, I've been listening to more bass filled music lately, and I have no bass in my system at all. I've got about $650 and I have no clue about sound systems. I'd be extremely thankful if anyone knowledgable...
  14. H

    What system should i get for my 2006 Honda Ridgeline?

    Getting a 2006 Ridgeline need a general idea on what to get, i want loud bass but still being able to fit under the back seat.
  15. N

    New to car audio, and looking for some advice!

    Hello all, I have recently accquired a 2002 honda crv, and I was looking at installing a car audio system(subs are my first priority.) I am technology forward, but have never really done anything like this before so i was really looking for some advice, maybe even direction to a different...
  16. J

    NEED TO KNOW! Quick wiring question! Help!

    1989 honda crx connecting kenwood kdc-mp245 have to hardwire into car, no harness have the speaker and ground connections figured out. I need to know which connection goes where: connect the (Battery/YELLOW) wire and (Ignition/RED) wire INTO either the (RED/YELLOW Main stereo supply/radio...
  17. Unfinished Carputer

    Unfinished Carputer

    HP Motherboard 1.2 Ghz amd athlon Cpu 256 sd-ram 80 gb Harddrive XP Pro capacty for 40,000 songs!
  18. Unfinished fiberglass trunk

    Unfinished fiberglass trunk

  19. Unfinished fiberglass trunk

    Unfinished fiberglass trunk

    Working on amprack and doors.
  20. Accord Day 1 Rear

    Accord Day 1 Rear

    A pic of the rear of the accord, the first night i got it
  21. Accord Day 1 Front

    Accord Day 1 Front

    A pic of my car the first night i got it
  22. 250R front

    250R front

  23. '99 Honda Accord West Coast Finest

    '99 Honda Accord West Coast Finest