Looking for a top notch Maryland (No Baltimore) audio shop


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May 4, 2016
Hello my people, my speakers seems to be dying out. Olivia (My Car) is finally ready for new ears. I'm looking for a shop that offers lifetime warranties on the products they use. I looked on yelp, but I can't seem to find the shop I went to before. I am looking for a top notch car audio shop in Maryland Only (Nothing in Baltimore).

In a good area where they also have their own parking lot. I went to a few shops a while back, but they are just trying to sell, not looking out for what I want. In addition, the customer service was horrible and not female friendly at all. I want a shop where they treat you with respect, no matter WHO YOU ARE. Meaning gay, straight, white, black, alien whatever. I always tend to find shops who have rude *** staff (I always come into places with a big smile or a hello or good morning or afternoon). I'm looking for places in or near these areas Columbia, Lothian, Prince Fredrick, Dunkirk, Cali, MD, Rockville, Annapolis, Southern Maryland, Gathersburg, Fredrick areas like that. If they have a website that would be good too, so I can see the shop.

Thank you kindly.

P.S. I just went to go check out insane car audio in Annapolis, the guy was hella rude. Maybe he hates gay females who knows. Also, getting out of their parking lot took me about almost 20 mins. Due to it's on the main street.



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Sep 7, 2009
Glen Burnie, Md.

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